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A message from the chairman

It is my pleasure to meet you. I am Yang-ok Ahn and truly honored to serve the Korea Student Aid Foundation as its third chairman. The Foundation has been in the process of transforming itself into a world-class institution specialized in student aid.

Kwak, Byong-Sun. Chairperson of the Korea Student Aid Foundation

For the six years before my tenure at the Foundation began, I put my work night and day to promote and protect the interests of teachers in Korea. Now, I am committed more than ever to helping students and parents. I am very pleased to contribute to the improvement of higher education in Korea.

The Korea Student Foundation was established in 2009 as a quasi-government agency with the mission of giving opportunities for higher education to any able and aspiring individuals regardless of their financial means.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has been successfully implementing the government policies aimed at lessening the burden of higher education costs, assisting future talents in realizing their dreams, and adjusting its operation and programs to changes in the educational environment of the 21st century and to paradigm shifts in educational policies.

Hereafter, the Foundation plans to build a “total care system” that integrates its core functions including the National Grants, loan programs for tuitions and living expenses, and support for local governments’ interest subsidy programs, and the operation of donations from the private sector, with the purpose of helping college students to give more time and energy to their study.

In addition, the Foundation intends to promote student aid and the National Grants among people in primary and secondary education with the purpose of helping the student aid system including the National Grant so that Korea’s National Grant and student aid system to be one of the world-class systems.

It is said that nothing is better than a dream for creating a future. The aspirations of young people are Korea’s future and hope. The Korea Student Aid Foundation continues its utmost effort to help the youth to realize their dreams and to ensure that its slogan, “Your dream will come true” remains a reality.


Yang-ok Ahn
Korea Student Aid Foundation

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