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Types of Scholarships

The national scholarships administered by KOSAF are customized to fit specific student profiles. Together, they provide support in such a way that as they develop, the programs offer assistance to an increasingly broad range of students, so that anyone with the will and the ability may have the opportunity to pursue study, regardless of financial status. The need-based scholarships were newly integrated in 2012 into two main programs: National Scholarship Type I and Type II.


The Presidential Science Scholarship

The President’s Science Scholarship
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM The Presidential Science Scholarship is designed to support top students with high creativity and potential to thrive in the field of science and technology. By nurturing outstanding Korean students committed to pursuing their study either in Korea or overseas, this scholarship seeks to cultivate future leaders to become top scientists at the world level.
DISTRIBUTION OF AID DOMESTIC - Full cost of attendance (COA)
- Additional 2M KRW per semester for students of academic excellence
- 1.8M KRW per semester as living expenses for students of ‘Recipient of Basic Living’ status
ABROAD Up to $50,000 each year for academic and living expenses
ELIGIBILITY - Graduates or graduating students from Korean secondary schools
- Entering students of science or engineering major to a 4-year higher education institution
- Selection based on academic performance and recommendation from schools
SELECTION PROCESS Scholarship recipients are chosen in a highly competitive process with multiple stages. Students select one primary field (among mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and earth sciences) and submit their application. Field selection is based on a student’s demonstrated abilities in the particular field and on what is closest to his or her preferred college major. In addition to standard application materials, students need recommendations from a school administrator and a number of science teachers. Students must also write and submit a proposal on future hopes, dreams, and plans—pertinent, at least in part, to the selected field. According to the various fields, application materials and proposals are processed at different stages in panel interviews and a review by a panel of professors in each respective field.
FURTHER INFORMATION A limited number of scholarship applicants are also selected by a recommendation process involving selective cities and provincial superintendents (of education). Recommendations may be made for eligible students who have graduated from a regular high school in a qualifying district, and who are enrolled in or planning to enroll in a college in the same district. For students in postsecondary institutions in Korea, a full scholarship covers tuition and other academic fees, and an additional award recognizes academic accomplishment. Among these students, an additional scholarship can be provided for living expenses during study for those receiving basic living subsidies. For students in schools outside of Korea, a different set amount covers tuition and other academic fees. Students need to satisfy the academic requirements in order to continue receiving the scholarship on semester basis.

National Science and Engineering or Humanities Scholarship

National Science and Engineering or Humanities Scholarship
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM The National Science & Engineering/Humanities Scholarship supports students with strong academic performance in the respective fields. It aims to enhance Korea’s competitiveness by cultivating future leaders.
DISTRIBUTION OF AID - Full tuition & fees
- Students with Recipient of Basic Living status receive 1.8M KRW per semester for living expenses
ELIGIBILITY - Students of domestic 4-year institutions majoring in science or engineering
- Selection based on demonstrated academic excellence, college entrance exam scores and recommendation from schools
FURTHER INFORMATION Selection criteria and procedures differ by the applicant’s profile. Recipients must meet minimum academic requirements on a semester basis to maintain eligibility status.

Junior College Scholarship

Junior College Scholarship
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM Junior College Scholarship is designed for students in 2-year junior colleges who have demonstrated strong academic performance. It supports students in training for specialized technical careers and in preparing for employment as skilled workers.
DISTRIBUTION OF AID Up to 2.6M KRW per semester within tuition & fees
ELIGIBILITY No new recipients will be selected.
FURTHER INFORMATION Recipients must meet minimum academic requirements on a semester basis to maintain eligibility status. Awards will not be given for the following semester for recipients who fail to meet the academic requirements in the previous semester. Recipients will be disqualified for the scholarship if they fail to meet the academic requirements for two consecutive semesters.

The Dream Scholarship

The Dream Scholarship
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM The Dream Scholarship is designed to support students with academic excellence and give them an opportunity to study abroad. The goal of this scholarship is to foster highly competitive future leaders.
DISTRIBUTION OF AID Type 1 - Max. 12M KRW for up to 2 years
- Additional support for application fees, examination fees, interview costs, etc
Type 2 - Max. 60,000 USD per year for up to 4 years
ELIGIBILITY - Students from low-income families with high academic performance
- Type I : current high school students planning to study abroad
- Type II : recipients of Type I scholarship who are accepted to universities overseas
FURTHER INFORMATION 10 new high school students are selected each year for the Dream Scholarship Type I. Students are evaluated quarterly for their academic progress, and they must meet minimum academic requirements to maintain eligibility. A Type I recipient qualifies for the Type II scholarship when the recipient is accepted into a university overseas.

Graduate Research Scholarship for Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Research Scholarship for Humanities and Social Sciences
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM The purpose of this program is to support graduate students studying humanities and social sciences.
DISTRIBUTION OF AID - Max. 4M KRW per semester for up to 2 semesters
ELIGIBILITY - Full-time candidates of Masters or PhD degree studying humanities or social sciences
- Entering/Graduating students may not apply
- Must meet minimum academic requirements to maintain eligibility status
FURTHER INFORMATION Specific qualifications are at the discretion of individual institutions. Applicants must submit a research proposal for their studies, a letter of recommendation from their academic advisers, and a certificate of four major public insurances: national pension, unemployment insurance, health insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

The Love Dream Scholarship

The Love Dream Scholarship
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM The primary purpose of the Love Dream Scholarship is to uphold the noble intentions of its donors. Individual donors can specify the aid amount and the number of recipients as well as the eligibility criteria and the selection procedure.
DISTRIBUTION OF AID The aid amount depends on each donor (ranges from 2M to 5M KRW per semester)
ELIGIBILITY Specific qualifications differ by donor :

 - Gucci: Sophomores & Juniors of 4-yr universities majoring in fashion
 - Korea LPG Association: Enrolled students of universities & junior colleges whose parents work in the taxi industry
 - Korea Water Resources Corporation: Sophomores & Juniors of 4-yr universities
 - Dunnam Scholarship: Enrolled students of Dong Seoul College
 - World Korean Community Leaders Convention: 2nd semester Freshmen to Junior students of 4-yr universities
FURTHER INFORMATION - Eligibility requirements are subject to change