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Types of Grants & Scholarships

The financial aid programs administered by KOSAF are customized to fit specific student profiles. Together, they provide support in a way that as they develop, the programs offer aid to an increasing range of students. Through its grants and scholarship programs, KOSAF’s strives to establish a system in which anyone with the will and the ability has the opportunity to pursue study, regardless of financial status.

KOSAF’s grants and scholarships program is divided into three main categories: need-based, merit-based, and work-based.


National Grant Type I
National Grant Type I is designed to guarantee higher education opportunities to all students in Korea regardless of their economic background.
- Undergraduate
- Family Income Level below 8
- Must meet minimum academic requirements
  ㆍFreshmen : no requirements for the 1st semester
  ㆍEnrolled students: min. 12 credits and GPA above 80 out of 100 for the previous semester
- depends on Family Income Level
- amount of aid cannot exceed tuition & fees
- max. 4.5M KRW per year
National Grant Type II
The basic eligibility requirements of National Grant Type II are similar to Type I, but Type II funds are transferred to educational institutions and not directly to students. Requirements and standards are at the discretion of the institutions. The government decides the amount of aid according to the institutions’ self-efforts to reduce tuition.
- Undergraduate
- Family Income Level below 8
- Must meet minimum academic requirements set forth by each institution
- depends on Family Income Level
- specific requirements and disbursement methods are decided by each institution
Third Child Grant
KOSAF introduced the Third Child Grant to support postsecondary education funding to households with more than two children. As a part of the Korean government’s national policy to promote childbirth, KOSAF strives to help ease the financial burdens of raising a multi-child family.
- Under 20 years old
- Family Income Level below 8
- Must be the third child of a household or more
- Entering students of domestic universities
- Must meet minimum academic requirements to maintain eligibility status
- 4.5M KRW per year
- cannot be awarded simultaneously with National Grant Type I
The Presidential Science Scholarship
In a highly competitive process, recipients are selected for full-tuition scholarships to study in Korea or abroad. Academic excellence and the potential to contribute in areas of science, engineering, and technology is considered as a priority.
- Graduates or graduating students from Korean secondary schools
- Entering students of science or engineering major
- Selection based on academic performance and recommendation from schools
1. Domestic institutions:
  - full cost of attendance (COA)
  - additional 2M KRW per semester for students of academic excellence
  - 1.8M KRW per semester for students of exceptional financial need as living expenses
2. Foreign institutions:
  - up to $50,000 per year for tuition & fees/living expenses.
National Science and Engineering / Humanities Scholarship
This scholarship supports students with strong academic performance either in the science and engineering or the humanities and social sciences field in their pursuit of undergraduate studies in Korea. It aims to help cultivate future leaders in the respective fields.
- Science or engineering / Humanities or social science major in a domestic 4-year institution
- Selection based on college entrance exam scores and recommendation from schools
- Full tuition & fees
- 1.8M KRW per semester as living expenses
Junior College Scholarship
Junior College Scholarship is for students in junior colleges with strong academic performance. KOSAF supports students in training for specialized technical careers and in preparing for employment as skilled workers.
- No new applicants will be reviewed for this program
- Existing recipients must meet minimum academic requirements to maintain eligibility
- Up to 2.6M KRW per semester
Graduate Research Scholarship
This program offers aid to outstanding graduate level students majoring in the humanities and social sciences. Recipients are selected based on academic merit as well as research and career plans.
- Full-time students for graduate (Masters of PhD) studies in humanities or social sciences
- Entering and graduating students may not apply
- max. 4M KRW per semester
The Dream Scholarship
The Dream Scholarship supports students of exceptional financial need and strong academic performance with the opportunity to study abroad. Type I is for current high school students, and Type II is for recipients of Type I who are accepted to foreign universities.
- Family Income Level below 1
- High school students
- Meets academic requirements and has recommendation from school
- Type I : current high school students
- Type II : recipients of Type I scholarship who are accepted to foreign universities
- Type I : Total of 12M KRW for up to 2 years
- Type II : max. 60,000 USD per year for up to 4 years
The Love Dream Scholarship
Funded by donors, financial aid is disbursed to students who meet the qualifications specified by each donor. Eligible qualifications include fashion design majors and students whose parents work in the taxi industry.
- Specified by each donor - Specified by each donor
National Work-Study Program
Supported by the Korean government, KOSAF offers work-based scholarships that provide financial support for on and off campus work completed during the school year and official break periods. Students can gain valuable work experience while continuing study at universities and colleges.
- Undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need
- Must meet minimum academic requirements
- wage: 8,000 KRW/hr (on-campus) or 9,500 KRW/hr (off-campus)
- day students : max. 20 hrs per week
- evening students : max. 40 hrs per week
Ladder of Hope, Scholarship Program for Vitalizing Youth Employment in SMEs
Students who wish to work in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are given financial aid in return for their promised employment in SMEs after graduation. Through this program, KOSAF aims to mitigate manpower shortage problems in SMEs as well as lift economic burdens of postsecondary education.
- Upperclassmen (Junior or Senior)
- Must meet minimum academic requirements
- Must have a confirmed employment contract with an SME
- Must have completed at least 4 weeks of field training
- Full tuition & fees
- Additional 2M KRW per semester upon completion of job training